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10 Common Misconceptions Dispelled

By | source: Dec 14th, 2010

Misconceptions are a funny thing.  You can go your whole life thinking something is right, and then suddenly, your world gets flipped upside down when you find out you’ve always been wrong. Per example, I always thought the word “queue” was pronounced “qway,” when one day I said it and after much ridicule, quickly learned that is not right. Apparently it is pronounced “q,” I was truly embarrassed because I was the only person out of my group of friends who did not know the correct pronunciation.

The misconceptions in this infographic, I feel, are more common than my not being able to pronounce queue correctly. The biggest surprise for me in going through this infographic was number nine. I had learned in a SCIENCE class that water spins a different direction depending on the hemisphere you are in.  According to this infographic my teacher lied. In order for the Coriolis Effect to happen, the spinning water needs to be on a much larger scale than your sink or toilet.

Hopefully you will enjoy this infographic as much as I did.  Next time someone suggests one of these you can outwit the smart-aleck friend and correct them. If you have read this infographic then you already know misconception number 7.  We in fact use all of our brain, not just 10%. Not only that, but you use it all very efficiently and as we get older, our brain becomes more and more efficient, due to synapses dying off as we age. The coolest thing about this infographic, is it not only says which misconception are wrong, but why they are wrong. [via]

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