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10 Cool Ways to Use PDFs

By | source: Oct 17th, 2014

You use PDFs, I use PDFs, we all use PDFs pretty frequently. Today’s graphic explores the uses we know well, and also some surprising ways to utilize this format. Did you know the eSignature industry is expected to be worth $5 billion by 2020? Guess what the backbone of that industry is… Yup, PDFs. This isn’t just future stuff. Just last spring, I signed my lease completely paper-free. It was an easy process where the realtor, landlord and residents all had access to one shared, digital lease. We could comment and make changes right there online instantly. I also have it stored online, so any time I want to check out my lease I just bring it up on the computer. No more looking through filing cabinets.

PDFs will continue to be one of the most used formats on our computers. Get ready to see more of them. [Click Here for the Infographic]

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