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11 Mind-Blowing Starbucks Facts

By | source: Business Insider May 9th, 2016

You know Starbucks is a big deal, whether you’re topping up your rewards card balance or walking the extra three blocks to the locally-owned coffee shop in protest. I recently was in Seattle, the original home of the caffeine siren*, and sweet mother there were a lot of coffee shops and Starbucks was their queen. After experiencing that, the fact that this place in California has more made my eyes cross a little.

Growing by an average of two stores everyday for 27 years makes my mind boggle as well.

This infographic was published in 2014 so when it says they made $1.25 billion last year they mean 2013. That may indeed be enough dosh to buy every US resident 2 grande lattes, but I hope they spent it on something better than that. Like buying us all a mocha, or one ofthose vanilla bean thingies. I swear they’re just thinly disguised milkshakes and they’re freaking delicious.

But maybe you’re standing on the pavement with a coffeeshop on your left and a pub on your right. Check this beer vs. coffee infographic to determine which you should choose. I can hear you thinking “I’ve got to do a project, so obviously coffee.” Well, I’ll just say that you might be surprised.

*The mermaid logo lady is a siren.

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