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15 Grammar Mistakes That Can Make You Look Silly

By | source: Mar 7th, 2012

Everyone makes mistakes, but that notion seems to go out the window anytime syntax is misused. If the wrong there, their, or they’re is used at the wrong time on the internet, prepare for every web user to attack your intelligence and attempt to obliterate your self-esteem.

I know, we all have our momentary lapses. But with the help of the infographic below, those lapses can come less frequently. It shines light on the usual culprits, such as the tricky it’s/its decision and affect versus effect. The infographic also shines light on how to properly use the apostrophe and the correct spellings of commonly misspelled words. A few words left off this list that I always had trouble with were definitely and sandwiches. What are some of your trouble words? [Via]


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