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20 Pretty Cool Things About Beer

By | source: The Oatmeal Sep 3rd, 2010

Ahh, it is finally Friday.   Forget about school, work, or whatever you do and go out and party. Now I don’t drink because I’m not of age, but I’ve heard that if I did, my preference would probably be Texas brewed beers. Why? I’m a Texan and think my state is better than any other region on earth. Why taint my liver with stuff I can’t get from Texan brethren?

For cheap beer I would go Lone Star. It’s the hip thing now if you haven’t heard. Classier than Keystone and Natty, and it’s a lighter beer that isn’t labeled ‘Light’ so I’d feel cooler when I drank it. Yeah, they have Lone Star Light, but that’s for frat boys and soccer moms.

Shiner Bock is also a Texas brew. Shiner has tons of varieties, and they make a new one every year. This year was their 101st year and they concocted a crisp, Czech style pilsner with only four ingredients. During their 96th year they made up a beautiful amber ale called Oktoberfest, it’s toasted.

A mistake that I think some German folks in Texas make, including Wurstfest, is that they celebrate Oktoberfest in October. According to a German exchange student in my business-law class I discovered that Germany has Oktoberfest in September, to celebrate the coming of October.

I, for one, never thought of October as being a good enough month worthy of a nation-wide, two week festival. But, because I have a majority of German blood, I must abide.

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