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2012’s Best Days for Holiday Shopping

By | source: Nov 16th, 2012

Yeah that’s right, I’m doing it. I’m posting a Christmas infographic before Thanksgiving. I don’t even care. You gotta deal with it. Today’s graphic shows the best days to shop online for gadgets and gifts. With the average american spending 700 dollars on presents, saving a few bucks here and there can really add up.

I know you have heard of the Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays, but did you know about Small Business Saturday? I didn’t, but it seems the day after Black Friday, the 24th, 68 out of 100 dollars spent on that day go to small businesses. That’s awesome.

There is one problem I have with the the so-called ‘Free Shipping Day’. Even though over 1700 businesses have agreed to have free shipping on December 17th, I know for a fact they will be raising their prices to cover the shipping costs. Shipping anything on Christmas Eve will cost a fortune – this Free Shipping Day is a myth.

Remember not to buy any books, movies or music until after the 25th. These items get inflated before the big day, but tend to drop back to a reasonable cost after St. Nick comes to visit. [Via]

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