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2013: Keeping your New Years Resolution

By | source: Jan 18th, 2013

The most common day to give your New Years resolution up has already passed, January 10th. Have you made it thus far? If so good job! But remember, 22% of people drop their resolution by the end of January, will you be part of that statistic?

New Years resolutions are a great thing, but keeping up with them can be difficult because breaking old habits and creating new ones can be a hassle. I was told in grade school it would take 40 days in a row to create a new habit. I still believe this is pretty true. If only breaking habits were as easy…

Going to the gym is one of the most popular resolutions in America and one of the hardest to keep at. It is costly, time consumer, tiring and seeing all those really fit people can be disheartening. Imagine if you did go to the gym everyday for a year though, you will be one of those healthy energetic fitness geeks that the newbies look up to. You’ll have expertise that will help you live a healthy lifestyle for the rest of your days.

Stick to your resolutions this year, I know I am already struggling with mine, but I will keep trying my best. [Intel Ultrabook]

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