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A Glimpse Into Britain’s Salon Habits

By | source: Jul 18th, 2013

Hair is just another way to express ourselves in the artistic culture we live in. From the Skrillex half-shaved head look, to Katy Perry’s bright hued locks, America has had our share of both great and questionable hairstyles.

Turns out Britain cares about their hair as well! Today’s featured post gives us a glimpse into Britain’s salon habits. It looks like their salon habits are paying off, with Victoria Beckham’s famous inverted bob gaining popularity here in America. In fact, according to today’s infographic, new hair icons have arisen; men look to David Beckham and Mark Wright for hair inspiration, while women look to the ever popular Kate Middleton and Cheryl Cole. Whatever they’re doing across the pond is working, because Britain has never looked so good!  [via]

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