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Apple iPhone 5s vs. Samsung Galaxy s4

By | source: Jun 29th, 2014

After years of being a faithful Android user, I think I am ready to take the plunge and get an iPhone this year. I’ve nursed my current Galaxy s2 for three years, and I am finally fed up with its antics. From the freezing, blank phone screens, and the voice echoes, my Galaxy s2 has proven to be more of a headache than a luxury. However, I have zero experience with iPhones, or any Apple products in general. The idea of getting an iPhone is both exciting and a little scary for me. I would hate to pay so much for a phone that I won’t understand, let alone enjoy.

Thankfully, today’s infographic can help me make a responsible decision on which phone to choose. Rather than choosing the iPhone because it’s pretty, I can compare and contrast the innards of both phones and make a logical choice. In all, the Galaxy s4 seems to trump the iPhone in almost every possible way. It has more RAM, a better camera, and a larger screen. If that doesn’t help you make a decision, the end of the infographic sums up the disadvantages of both phones to help make it easier for those of us who are technically illiterate. [via]

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