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Baby’s First Birthday

By | source: Apr 25th, 2013

Yippee! It’s your baby’s first birthday and you want it to be extra special. After all, the first year of a child’s life is one filled with many milestones and lessons learned. Therefore, how can you plan the perfect party for your little baby? The kid is too young to remember the party itself, however, you want to celebrate your child’s very first year of life! There are many things to take into account, such as the ages of your expected guests, food, and of course, the party theme. Thankfully, today’s infographic has loads of information to help excited parents plan their baby’s party. According to today’s infographic, the top four themes for children parties are: Disney, Sesame Street, Superhero, and Princess. These themes are available at most party stores, so you wont get such a headache trying matching party favors to each other. Consult today’s infographic for more fantastic ideas on how to make your baby’s first birthday a special one! [via]


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