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Fixed Assets: The Big Picture

By | source: Jul 22nd, 2011

Thank god it is the last day of the week. Although I didn’t have a long-grueling week, I know you did. Summer is great, the sun, the swimming, the friends, being un-employed. They’re all amazing. Once I’m not a student I won’t have the luck of a blowoff summer and I’ll be sitting at a computer everyday worrying about things like fixed assets management.

Until then I plan on having as much fun this summer as possible. My free days are coming to an end soon for the fall semester and hopefully I’ll snag a good schedule. 8:00am classes are not my thing, but everything else may be filled up. I also need to start spending less, summer sucks my wallet dry. I wish I was a company so I could save over $40,000 by managing my fixed assets. With that type of dough I could go to grad school. [Fixed Assets: The Big Picture]

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