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Greatest NHL Player: Gretzky vs. Lemieux

By | source: Jun 17th, 2011

The recent riots in Vancouver have made headlines lately putting the Canadian city and its residents on trial. The majority of those from Vancouver didn’t take part in the riots. The city blamed the uprising on a mixture of young people and alcohol. With that logic one could wonder why college towns don’t have a riots every weekend.

Hockey is important in Canada, its like football in Texas and its a very serious thing. Losing to America must suck. We don’t appreciate the sport of hockey over here. It is pretty obvious when there are only three players on the championship team the Boston Bruins that were actually born in the states. Almost the entire team is made of up Canadians. Vancouver should be celebrating, not lighting police cars on fire.

Gretzky and Lemieux are some of the biggest names in hockey. With Gretzky pulling in around 200 million dollars during his career compared to Lemieux’s 45 mill makes it seem like Gretzky won in some sense. Although $45 million will get you through a lifetime pretty easily too.

I’ve never been a big fan of hockey, and I’m not sure if America is ready to really get into the sport. I know I’ve picked up on watching soccer, maybe I’ll throw some NHL in there too. [Via]

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