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How to Pull Off The Perfect Marriage Proposal

By | source: Mar 22nd, 2012

I thought I would present you all with an infographic on a subject I am well versed in. Just kidding, I am a young, unmarried man who’s never even thought about proposal. Regardless, this infographic will prepare me for my future years should a proposal situation arise. I think the hardest part will be keeping my awesome proposal plan a secret when the time comes. After all, fifty percent of men say it’s the biggest proposal bust.

The actual information in the infographic was not the main reason this caught my attention. The topic in particular has been a trend I’ve noticed on the internet. When using StumbleUpon, it seems like every day without fail I come across another video of someone’s proposal. It’s almost as if there is a competition for the most amazing proposal viral video. I have to say some of them are really cool, but they fact that they all go viral means I can’t steal their ideas. What’s your favorite proposal video? Here’s mine (Warning: Contains mild violence) [Via]

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100+ Ways To Inspire Creative Thinking [Infographic Examples]

By | source: Sep 20th, 2017

As a writer, I am in constant search for inspiration. Sometimes it comes to me out of the blue, but for the most part, I have to work hard for it.   If only the solution were as simple as flipping a switch!  Having creativity exercises on deck might just serve to unleash your creativity.

Science Behind Creativity: Why It Matters To Everyone

Creativity isn’t just for artists.  Studies have shown mental and emotional health benefits to creative arts.   Research even points to artistic activities preventing or delaying dementia in the elderly.  Exercises that can foster creativity, like making a point to talk to 3 people every week who are totally different from you, might even help you make new friends.

In the workplace, creativity finds its roots in the right environment.  Whether it’s giving employees more freedom over their schedule, adding diversity to a team, or playing games, managers have many tools to spur out of the box thinking.

science of creativity


21 Ways to Get Inspired

But just how do you try to find inspiration?  This roadmap provides hints and tips that you can follow to unlock your creative genius. Hard work is certainly the foundation to worthwhile endeavors, and being creative requires practice as well.  Your path is going to have twists and turns just like this infographic.  Being open to new possibilities , as these strategies suggest, might help you through the next roadblock.
Infographic from Entrepreneur about creativity and 21 ways to get insipred


How To Be More Creative

Step-by-step guides are usually reserved for DIY projects like building a table or cleaning your car. However, here we have a guide just like that, but it’s all about igniting your creativity.

All too often, we assume creativity is a trait that we have to be born with.  How to be creative is a skill that can be learned and practiced.  If you don’t think that you are “naturally” creative, focus on the process, and try a few of these proven tools and strategies.


9 Simple Ways To Improve Your Creativity Infographic

The fact that creativity appears inversely related to age, may seem slightly disappointing at first.  But spend 5 minutes with a 5 year old and you will see that creativity in overdrive.  We were all 5 once, so that spark must still be there!  It just might take a bit of work to unearth.    These are tactical tools to help you get unstuck.
Infographic from Spiritbutton about 9 exercises to improve your creativity


5 Challenges to Awaken Your Creativity

Sometimes tips, suggestions, and scientific studies just aren’t enough to spark your creative thinking. This infographic also points to the creative juices that were flowing when we were 5, but what did it come down to?  10x more questions asked and 50x more creative tasks undertaken each day as a 5 year old, vs a 44 year old.

Creativity training can be approached from both mental and physical angles, whether it’s centering your thoughts to open up the possibility of creativity, or using mental exercises. Challenging your limits with these exercises will help you flex those creative muscles.
5 Challenges to Awaken Your Creativity Infographic


How You’re Killing Your Own Creativity

Personally, I really like this one because it talks about both good and bad ways of creative thinking. On the road to producing creative work, we often get stuck.  That creative block may be a result or our own mental blocks, whether it’s using repetitive thinking, or trying to brainstorm on no sleep.   Sometimes we need a reminder of what is killing our creativity so that we can gain it back.

Figuring out what the greats have done is another way to load up on inspiration.  You may not need to copy their exact schedules, but there might just be a template that works for you.
Infogrpahic from Entrepreneur about dos and donts for your creativity


10 Scientifically Proven Facts About Creativity

To me, the idea that “all people experience moments of ‘ordinary creativity’, which permeates daily tasks”, is a fundamentally important one.  If we ignore the status quo and try to be creative about everyday problems, collectively we have hope of solving seemingly insurmountable issues.  Travel, vodka, and meditation also all sound like reasonable triggers to add to our lives (in reasonable quantity).

Infographic about 10 scientifically proven facts about creative thinking


40 Ways to Stay Creative

Sometimes when we’ve run out of ideas, we need ideas to trigger ideas! Here are 40 simple things you can try, like read books, sketch more, watch films, be curious. And sometimes that is all we need; a reminder that even simple changes can spark creativity.

Most of these tactics can be practiced by anyone with the will and of course time.  To dedicate yourself to creativity, you will have to make the time for it.  You might find the process itself can be quite enjoyable and varied.


40 Ways To Get Rid Of Creative Block

When you feel stuck it may seem as though you have to move mountains to restart your project.  It is irritating, stressful, and an overall unpleasant situation especially if you have deadlines.  Having 40 tactical strategies in your toolkit increases your chances of getting out of the rut.  Be crafty, try new experiences, change your environment, use that notebook.  Have we left any stone unturned?

40 Things You Can Do To Break Your Creative Block

Set Your Creativity Ablaze! 7 Ways to Generate New Ideas

At the end of the day, fostering creativity in the workplace or at home starts with the right habits.  These are the types of habits that you rinse and repeat regularly, setting up the foundation for even more ideas.  As this infographic mentions, ideas aren’t generally plucked out of thin air but are based on known facts.  By building up that knowledge via teaching, chances are you can generate well informed ideas.

Using more metaphors sounds like a novel way to practice creativity.  Speaking metaphorically would certainly be an interesting way to spice up conversations (or send away someone you don’t want to speak to at a party).  In general by comparing situations, even if they seem unrelated, you might find a new context to evaluate your problem.
Infographic on how to improve your creative thinking and avoid creative blocks



There are common threads in many of these ideas.  Seek inspiration both internally and externally, open yourself up to new possibilities through experiences, study what brilliant minds do, take a walk, and get enough rest.

Perhaps the first step is knowing that we all have access to tools to inspire creativity.  Just remember to work for it. The goal is always to push forward, no matter how deep in the mud you’re stuck.  As Jack London said, “We can’t wait for inspiration, we must go after it with a club.”

Which strategies help inspire your creativity?

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The 7 Chakras Explained In Infographics

By | source: see below Jun 27th, 2017

Email.  Whoosh.  Facebook notification. Poke. Instagram notification.  Ding.  My life has become a never ending adrenaline rush of alerts, breaking up the day into fragments of cat videos, urgent chats, and pings.  Finding a true retreat away from that chaos has required searching far corners of the earth for calm.


Growing up in the West, venturing into Eastern philosophy hardly seems natural and may even be counterintuitive.   Mindfulness, meditation, and yoga are all examples of similar practices adopted by Western culture over time.

Research has indicated a reduction in stress levels following mindfulness therapy.  Instilling mindfulness even changes the brain, rivaling the effects of antidepressants in those with anxiety.

In urban areas filled with traffic and urgency, yoga studios have become a popular respite from a long day of work.  Beyond straining to hold yoga poses, yoga at its highest level is a form of mindfulness meditation, listening to your own body and being present with yourself. Few beginners realize that the foundation of yoga lies in the chakras.

Chakras Defined

Chakras were first discussed 2000 years ago in Hindu texts.  Each individual chakra serves as a focal point for energy within the body.  In Sanskrit, Chakra actually means “wheel”, particularly fitting since the chakras amount to a network of connected energy centers throughout the body.

Blocked chakras interfere with functions of the body, leaving the body out of order and potentially causing physical or emotional imbalances.

The 7 chakras

Click for full infographic

The above infographic shows an easy breakdown of the 7 chakras in the body.

The 7 chakras are otherwise known as:

  • 7th Chakra: Sahasrara
  • 6th Chakra: Ajna
  • 5th Chakra:  Vishuddha
  • 4th Chakra:Anahata
  • 3rd Chakra:Manipura
  • 2nd Chakra: Svadhisthana
  • 1st Chakra: Muladhara


Click for full infographic

7 chakras color


As highly visual people here at Daily Infographic, we appreciate the color representations for each chakra.  The colors mostly follow the colors of the rainbow, inspiring the gemstones that are linked to each chakra.

Having practiced long term yoga and meditation, I personally like to think of this having to do with research showing visualization techniques improving meditation.  Adding colors strengthens our ability to visualize and focus.

chakra colors


Location and Meanings

Click for full infographic

The 7 chakras are aligned in the center of the body from the crown of the head to the pelvis. The influences those chakras have and their corresponding locations make sense intuitively.  As much as we tend to think of our physical and emotional well being as separate, this system brings that relationship back together.

  • Top of the Head: The Crown Chakra = Consciousness
  • Forehead: The Third Eye = Inspiration, Intelligence
  • Throat:  The Throat Chakra = Self expression
  • Lower Abdomen: The Heart Chakra = Love, relationships
  • Stomach:The Solar Plexus Chakra = Self confidence, ego
  • Lower Abdomen: The Sacral Chakra = Emotional identity, creativity
  • Base of the Spine: The Root Chakra = Physical identity, survival

The 7 chakras in the human body and the Get to know your chakras infographics both offer descriptions of the potential impact of a weak or blocked chakras.  Reading through the list can be a bit daunting – Chakras can influence physical maladies ranging from sleep problems, swollen glands, and hearing issues to ulcers, constipation, lower back pain, and even immune disorders.  Emotionally they can influence anger, self-esteem, anxiety, hopelessness, and mood swings, to name a few.

Living a life free of any of the ailments listed would be a tall order – According to WebMD nearly 80% of Americans will experience back pain at some point.  With the increasing use of computers neck and shoulder pain seems increasingly common also, and professionals often try yoga to combat the pain.

Goal of Yoga

Ever caught yourself in a yoga class frustrated by the poses that require Olympic training to hold, unable to stop the thoughts racing through your head?  Yoga is ultimately a practice to find inner peace, though of course many students want to benefit from the physical intensity, improving flexibility and endurance.

Few beginners actually consider the concept of opening their chakras as the basis of yoga.  But yoga was created as a means of balancing the chakras, while challenging the body and mind.

What exactly does it mean to balance the chakras?  We all may have been born with open chakras, but if some of them became closed or inactive, others became overactive to compensate, creating an imbalance.

Take for an example the Sacral Chakra, which is located below the belly button.  It can influence emotions, pleasure, and sexuality.  Problems with this chakra can cause lower back pain, digestive problems, or intimacy issues.

Click for full infographic

chakras and yoga poses


Pigeon pose, goddess pose, and round angle pose can all help to open this chakra.    The Chakras in the Modern World infographic offers an overview of commonly used poses to open those chakras.

Even Nickelodeon has offered a simplified explanation of opening chakras:


Whether or not you decide to use this theory, the general idea of opening up areas of the body and stretching has a meaningful physical impact. At home you can use this 20 minute full body yoga workout guide.

I do believe in the power of the visualizing goals to achieve them.   If yoga has just become something you do to tick the box, it’s worth spending some time understanding its purpose.  The clarity that comes with it is breathtaking.

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Win An Infographic Poster: Daily Infographic Sweepstakes!

By | source: Jun 11th, 2017

This month, we’re celebrating our 7th birthday by giving away a free infographic poster!

Our lucky winner gets “The Charted Sandwich Board” by Pop Chart Lab.  To enter, like or comment on our Facebook sweepstakes post.  The sweepstakes will run from now to Wednesday June 21, 6pm PT with a winner chosen at random. 

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Infographic Poster For Our Winning Fan

“Lettuce introduce you to our most impressive sub-mission yet: A savory chart of sandwiches! Featuring an internationally inspired, mouthwatering menu of nearly 90 hand-drawn heroes, gyros, and much, much more—from the basic Bologna to the revered Reuben to the veritable food-pocalypse that is the gut-busting Gatsby—each enticing edible has been deconstructed into its various components and sorted by primary ingredient, along with notations for country of origin and serving temp. An open-faced love letter to the super-heroes of lunchtime, this delectable diagram makes for delightful decor no matter how you slice it.

Using 100 lb. archival stock certified by The Forest Stewardship Council, this poster is pressed on an offset lithographic press with vegetable-based inks in Long Island City, New York.”

-Poster description from Pop Chart Lab


Sweepstakes Official Terms and Conditions

This contest is not sponsored, endorsed, or associated with Facebook itself.  All entrants officially release Facebook from liability when entering the contest.  Contestants enter the contest by liking or commenting on the sweepstakes post.  A winner will be drawn at random on June 21 after 6pm PT and announced by midnight.  Winner receives unframed poster.  Each entrant is responsible for monitoring Facebook for prize notification and receipt of other communications related to this sweepstakes.   

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Wearable Technology

By | source: Amazon Jun 10th, 2017

With the massive upswing in technological advancement, the time has come to take your favorite tech, entertainment, fitness applications, social media, and all the generosities of the digital age along with you. has complied this descriptive infographic to give you a general idea of  wearable, or “smart”, tech that is available today, including some of its outstanding features.

Smart tech will have you fully integrated with the web and all its benefits throughout the day. Smart glasses allow you watch video’s and movie right on the glasses lens, search google results simply by using your eye, take first person photo’s, and more. Makes me wonder if anyone will be looking where they are going.

Heart rate monitor and blue-tooth trackers can both be found in wrist-worn devices. Benefits run from monitoring distances walked, calories burned, to tracking sleep patterns and training performance. I must admit that I do enjoy the benefits and advantages of technology and all that it brings.  Hopefully one day with all that tech on we can walk right into our flying cars.

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Big Thinkers of the Animal World

By | source: Jun 5th, 2017

Thank goodness intelligence doesn’t correspond exactly to size. If it did, I don’t think we would be doing as well as we are. We’re not exactly the biggest creatures on the planet. But, when it comes to true intelligence, it’s us humans that have the upper hand, and much to our advantage.

This infographic shows that you can measure an animals’ intelligence by comparing the ratio of the weight of its brain, to the weight of its body. That being said, it’s easy to see why we associate big animals with being rather “dumb” animals (as the stereotype goes).

What puts us on top of the intelligence list are the extra cortical neurons that we possess. They make up the cortex of the brain. This in turns, puts us atop the intelligence rankings, regardless of our less than impressive, and lanky physical stature. Have a look at the sizes of these 10 deadly animals.    [Via]

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