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Looking Forward: 2050 in the Eyes of the American Public

By | source: Jan 1st, 2012

The start if the new year always has a way of turning our gazes forward. For some this is reassuring… for others, intimidating.

This reflective infographic  shows where the American populace stands on a variety of different issues that have taken center stage in the 21st century. For example, the ever-pressing issue of our abused environment. A very convinced 72 per cent majority believe that by 2050, there will be a global energy crisis.

Americans were much more optimistic about the next forty years of technological advancements.  A full 81 % foresee computers communicating the same way humans do. Many also see space travel for the common man as a possibility in 2050.

Looking at this infographic prompted me to question some of my thoughts on the future. The surveys were very revealing. The population is on the fence about more than a few things. More than half think another world war is on the horizon.

In such turbulent times, what do you think the next forty years hold?

Cheers everyone, have a phre$h new year.

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