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The Many Memes of Modern Life

By | source: Jun 30th, 2011

Meme is quite the buzzword on the internet. Believe it or not, if you’ve spent more than 30 minutes on YouTube or StumbleUpon, you’ve most likely come across many memes on the internet. From troll faces to Xzibit, almost anything can become an overnight celebrity due to the internet’s power of sharing. So what is a meme? Is it just geeky stuff people post on weird websites?

Memes are any idea or behavior that people spread to one another, usually through repetitive use. The Wikipedia page for memes is enlightening, I had no idea there was so much background to such a simple concept.

Although many things qualify as memes, today’s infographic focuses mostly on things that appear on the internet. I should also mention that today’s post is actually a video, so you may have to occasionally pause if you want to catch every bit of information. On a final note, Xzibit is aware of his meme and he doesn’t like it…so be careful if you’re going to start memes of your own. [Via]

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