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Top 10 Internet IPOs

By | source: Mar 8th, 2012

Here it goes, I am writing about an infographic on a topic I have little to no knowledge on. My writing may not be of the highest wisdom, but this is an informative infographic, so bear with me. IPOs (initial public offerings) are the first set of stocks introduced into the public market by a previously private company. IPOs boost a company’s equity and exposure, but also demand more accounting and marketing management. For me, I just think it’s cool to see options to buy stocks in Facebook and Google.

Which IPOs are you investing in? Facebook has not listed their IPO price, but to tell you the truth, I will be avoiding their stock entirely. I don’t necessarily have any strong points to make against them, I just have this eerie feeling that soon they will crash into the MySpace realm. If you have any cool observations to add, please comment! To learn more about some of the companies in the infographic, check out this technology blog.

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