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Triple Threat: What You Eat, Jersey Shore and What Guidos Eat

By | source: Jul 30th, 2010

I saw a few smaller infographics I liked and wanted to show y’all. I even made an infographic for you by combining two official ones. Hope you enjoy!

I make fun of Jersey Shore sometimes when I write, and I mean everything I say. That show is the worst.  There is absolutely no good gained from watching that program. Every minute you watch Snooki do something stupid, you’re doing something even more stupid — watching it. If you must watch a show where dumb people go party, watch the Real World. At least it goes to a new city with new people every year rather than having season after season of nothing changing. So instead, why don’t you go contribute to society, buy some peaches from the side of the road, go swimming, or take your dog on a walk. Think of how much gratitude your dog would have if you took them on a walk. How much gratitude does The Situation give you? That’s what I thought. Judging by this graphic the West Coast knows what I’m talking about. The East Coast has no hope. [Via]


This is quite surprising, we eat 600 pounds of dairy products every year. That’s a lot of dairy. They ruled out butter and cheese so we have 600 pounds of milk, yogurt and ice cream? I don’t think that adds up. I’m pretty sure I eat more than 31 pounds of cheese annually, anyone who eats Kerby Lane Queso does. I’ll try my best to believe this illustration. [Via]


After hours of tedious experiments and focus groups, I’ve discovered what Guidos run on.

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