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Burbs Going Bust

By | source: Apr 20th, 2013

A suburban neighborhood is urban sprawlâ??s biggest weapon. A large subdivision built a few miles out of town so that residence can be â??safeâ? from the hustle and bustle of the city seems harmless and like a great way to make some money for developers. Years go by, and commercial developers figure out that these residents are living far away from the services they need. These developers build new Wal-Marts, Targets and other big box stores in order to connect the residents of the subdivision with town, and before ya know it, BAM, your little home town is a commercialized, traffic filled suburban city.

It has been commonly believed for years that the wealthy move out of the city and live in the â??burbs, but according to this infographic, this trend is changing. People are getting smart and realizing that having to drive into town every day is not a fun chore; it would be easier to live in town. This is a great thing. We should be trying to live as close to our goods and services as possible, instead of having the big boxes move to us.

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