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Do You Listen to Music While Studying?

By | source: Feb 23rd, 2014

Music motivates. Music can be your best friend after a break up and it can be your worst enemy while you try to recover. It can put you to sleep and get you up and pumped for whatever is going on. Music can inspire. It can be a foundation for a relationship. Music can be so many things and can mean so many things to so many people — especially when you have to get stuff done.

Studying is tough. Keeping up with course material as an adult with a job is even harder. Finding time to be passionate about your studies can be hard. College costs a boat-load and we all want our bang for our buck. So, how do we stay motivated when we are tired and don’t feel like reading tiny script for 60 pages?


For me, some variation of trance music does the trick. Something with good bass and a steady upbeat rhythm keeps me motivated and working quickly. For some, it can be rap or rock music. Personally, those have always been more of a work-out type of music but the studies show otherwise. I don’t know why y’all do it, but keep with it.

Music is so closely tied to our own specific culture. So much so, that it is important to pay attention to the music others listen to, and it’s also important to think about yours. Your music can be a part of your identity. Jam on, friends. [Via]


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