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Face Off: Occupy Wall Street vs Tea Party

By | source: Nov 13th, 2011

Some of you may be wondering: â??whatâ??s all this Occupy Wall Street god-damn hippy mumbo jumbo?! Is that the same as all those rowdy Tea partyers?  What in tarnation is going on in American politics? *gasp* Commies!!â?

Well, you wouldnâ??t be the only one in the dark about these political movements.  From people Iâ??ve talked to (granted, mostly college students) most donâ??t really have a clear idea of these movementsâ?? specific purposes either.

Those who do, however, seem pretty riled up. Protesters come from a variety of different backgrounds and have an even wider variety of reasons propelling them.

Both of these movements have been widely criticized for their ambiguity.  So it isnâ??t purely the corruptness of the media thatâ??s to blame for peopleâ??s ignorance of these issuesâ?¦    [via]


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