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Gamers Get Girls (Or Guys)

By | source: Nov 21st, 2012

Who thought videogames could be so romantic? With a few exceptions, I had always thought that videogames were the exact opposite of romantic. A male-dominated activity that usually involves pizza and solidarity wasn’t something that I thought would attract a lover. But apparently in comparison to dating websites, online gaming has one up on the online dating community in many ways.

For one thing, it’s a bigger venue; there are much more online gamers than online daters. Also, it’s much more frequented by subscribers than dating sites. World of Warcraft Players play 34 hours a month compared to the 1.4 hours a month that online daters go onto their site of choice. And then there’s the raw numbers directly related to dating – 74.7% of WOW players are dating someone who plays as well. Contrast that with the 33% of people on dating sites actually dating someone online and it seems that gamers are finding love a lot easier in Warcraft! So next time you’re looking for a good time with a sweetheart, try not to be a such a NEWB and play some WOW!

Gamers Get Girls
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