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How Much Money Do We Actually Spend on Coffee?

By | source: Here Jun 2nd, 2017

Ohhh coffee. What can I say about this nectar of the gods? It is probably one of the biggest reasons why I finished college. If it wasn’t for my buckets of coffee, I would probably still be sleeping somewhere in the college dorm. Luckily, that is not the case. I have finished school and hacked a professional life together, but one habit has remained the same, and that’s my daily cup(s) of coffee.

I still can’t find a suitable substitution for a warm shot of an espresso in the morning or even for my midday latte. This has brought me to a mind-opening realization. My whole life, I have been scolding my smoker friends about how much money they toss away on cigarettes.  Little did I know that I do the exact same thing, but for coffee.

Every day I buy at least one cup of coffee and that adds up throughout the year.  With that much coffee you’d think I’d be a coffee expert by now, but my orders are pretty boring. Dull as my choices are, my coffee craze has become a real expense!

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