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How To Introduce A Dog To Its New Home

By | source: Here Jul 7th, 2017

Taking care of a dog is no small task. As the saying goes, the dog is a member of your family, albeit a furry one, but still a member.

I take care of mine almost as I would a small child. That means making sure that he is fed and healthy, that he goes on regular walks, teaching him to be social and training him.

The first challenge when I brought him home was introduce him to his new home.  Dogs are smart animals and they will learn a lot by themselves, but to avoid headaches like broken vases and torn furniture, you will have to prepare your home in advance.

Not every dog is calm and well-mannered, especially if you adopt them from a rescue center. Sure, puppies are a plain canvas and you can train them as you want, but abused or anxious dogs require a careful introduction to their new home.

From transporting the dog and acquiring all essentials for him, to teaching him how to behave and dog-proofing your home, there’s plenty to prepare for!

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