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How To Measure Success In Digital Marketing

By | source:Search Engine Journal Jan 12th, 2018

If you are running a business in the Internet era, being found online should be your number 1 priority. Customers today can learn a lot about your brand just by doing a quick search, and all of that information can have a big influence on their decision.

That’s why more and more companies choose to focus on digital marketing. A good strategy may actually bring about an amazing increase in revenue. To plan a good strategy, you need to have good insight.

Here are some key findings this year, according to 230 digital marketers:

  • Search Engine Optimization

If you want to do SEO efficiently, you have to do site audits regularly – 47% of marketers say that a full SEO audit should be conducted every six months.

  • Pay-Per-Click

PPC is still an essential aspect of digital marketing, with 42% of respondents allocating most of their budget to PPC and display ads. The average amount of spending is between $51 to $300 per month. If you are a newbie to PPC, here is a checklist to help judge its effectiveness.

  • Social Media

In the battle for the love of digital marketers, Facebook is the clear winner – 62% of surveyed participants said they would pick Facebook over other social media platforms.

  • Content marketing

The most effective types of content to bring in qualified leads are blog posts, while long-form content, such as white papers and e-books, take second.

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