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Love by Numbers: Valentine’s Day

By | source: Feb 1st, 2013

How do you plan to spend the day of love with your significant other? I still have no clue! Should I take her to a movie? A way too expensive dinner? Maybe even a concert or ballet? What gifts should I give? Well today’s infographic helped me out.

I’ve decided I’ll get her some vodka-infused chocolate lingerie. According to this graphic those are all hot-items on V-day and if I can find a combination of them all I’ll be the best date ever, right? But seriously, I still don’t know. Chocolates and flowers seem so over used, and who wants to support the generic celebration of a Hallmark holiday? The night’s gotta be bad ass – maybe race car driving or hanging out in a snake pit? Naw, not romantic, doubt she’d be into that…

Maybe we’ll just stay in and make a pillow fort and while sipping too many bottles of red wine. That sounds fun to me and if I go the chocolate route its gotta be that 90% cocoa stuff. Milk chocolate will melt your insides (fact). Well I’ve planned my Valentines, I hope she doesn’t read this post! [Via MyVoucherCodes]

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