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National Parks: More Fun, Less Expenses

By | source: Jun 1st, 2012

If our Nation’s parks are some of the most beautiful places in the entire world – how come attendance to national parks dropped over four million visitors from 09′ to 10′? Some people blame the weather, but I think people don’t appreciate parks as much in a bad economy as they should.

Which one of you all like to sit on the edge of the Grand Canyon for a few days? Well, It should be all of you. As a money-conscious college student, a hotel room isn’t an option on vacation. Tents and sleeping bags are the only way to go. Camping is about $1.50 a night each for a car of five. Now that you know camping costs less than a twelve pack of beer, I hope you have the itch to pitch a tent.

Although camping is one of the greatest leisure activities, it can get rough. Not checking the weather can lead to hurricane-force winds ripping down your tent, or dramatic cold fronts leading on to hypothermia. Researching the environment and having the right equipment is essential for a fun and successful campout.

I hope this infographic will bring more people to the parks at a State and National level. Our nature may not be here in a few thousand years, we’re one very lucky generation to still get to see it first hand. [Via]

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