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How to Create Engaging Social Media Content For The 4th Of July

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Creating viral content can take a mixture of creative, skill and luck. Holidays and current events are some of the best ways to communicate your brand to a wider audience. Today’s infographic goes into detail on how to create and implement engaging social content specifically for the 4th of July. (Although, most of this advice can be used across the board.)

Patriotism, beer and BBQ. These three things are pivotal for a traditional American 4th of July holiday. I know I’ll be indulging too much into this holy American trinity, yet I know I will have no regrets. The ghost of George Washington will watch over my bbq sauce covered, intoxicated self with the vigor of a thousand yankee rebels. Our skies will rain fire, well, rainbow fireworks will rip across our atmosphere while lakes and pools fill with the laughter of our nation’s prosperity.

Tomorrow will be a blast, go America out everybody.

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