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Party in the Parking Lot

By | source: Dec 23rd, 2012

As a 20-year-old, I am not yet aware of the magic that awaits me in parking lots surrounding sports games. But donâ??t get me wrong, this infographic gets me pumped up for the events which I will be a part of next football season.

Something really awesome about this infographic is that it is very positive about the whole tailgating experience. It recognizes that there is a community who shares these special experiences. But it also identifies the costs and downfalls of the ritual, such as out of pocket expenses and missing the actual game.

I donâ??t know if Iâ??ll be the grillmaster, tentman, DJ, or super fan, but I will sure make my presence known while participating in the games. Hope yâ??all have/keep having some great times tailgating! See yâ??all next week! [via]


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