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Salmon: Wild vs. Farm

By | source: Jan 10th, 2013

For the past year, I have taken red meat and chicken out of my diet. I quite cold turkey, and it wasn’t hard really. I suppose knowing that a meatless life equaled a healthier one helped motivate me to say no to the meat. However, in order to still get some protein into my diet, I continue to eat fish. However, that got me thinking, just how bad are farm bred fish?

Today’s infographic gives a really great over view of what goes into wild and farm bred salmon. While I’m aware that all food these days contain pesticides and chemicals, I am saddened to see that farm salmon does indeed contain chemicals. I wonder how our bodies would benefit from ingesting pure, organic foods, free of pesticides and chemicals? Perhaps another New Years challenge can be to try and eat organic. I’m sure all of our bodies will benefit from it! [via]

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