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By | source: Jun 10th, 2014

Today’s post is some stunning work by South Korean artist Minjeong An. This is by all means an infographic, but it’s also a work of art which must to be taken into consideration when analyzing it. This is not meant so much as a tool for education, but a vehicle of self-expression. Although everything is drawn out and labeled so intricately, the meanings are not so implicit – they have to be derived with intuition.

So what we have is essentially a blue print for the artist’s self. Qi (chi) is a principle prevalent in many Asian cultures that proposes that the body is composed of different flowing energies. The influence of this concept on how Minjeong perceives herself is undeniable. At a glance it may come off as very analytic and sterile. Upon closer inspection you’ll see that the clean mathematical language is actually being used to display things that are a little more messy, visceral emotions and memories.

Click the link below to see the image larger as well as more of Minjeong An’s other related works.


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