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South Carolina

By | source: Sep 26th, 2013

I’m writing this post from South Carolina, where I have spent the past week for a cousin’s wedding. Normally I’d be pretty cranky since I’ve spent the past week in a crowded house with over 10 loud and crazy relatives, but because South Carolina is pretty much the best place I’ve ever visited, I don’t mind at all!

The weather has been absolutely amazing, like mid 70’s all day. This is heaven since I’m currently living in South Texas, where the humidity usually overpowers any cold front that might pass by (seriously it was 88 degrees last Christmas). I’m sold on the beautiful weather and lush foliage here in South Carolina and I fully intend on making my way back up here for either graduate school, or a job. With that said, I figured I’d post some South Carolina facts so I can be a good citizen in the future. Today’s infographic gives us some historical facts about this wonderful state. Hopefully you South Carolinians will enjoy it! [via]

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