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Stress on the Body

By | source: May 10th, 2012

I recently graduated college, so I haven’t really thought about stress in a while. I just haven’t been in very stressful situations. The end of senior year, however, can be quite stressful. It’s difficult to get everything together to make sure you graduate. While I consider myself generally anxious, I do things to keep my stress and anxiety levels low. I believe meditation is a great tool to clear the mind and promote healthy thinking. Many people do not realize that you can do non-religious meditation, and are closed-minded towards it.

Sleep is an obvious means to keep stress in check. I try to get 8 hours every night, which is way above average amongst my friends. I know lots of people who think ‘all-nighters’ are a good idea, but honestly there has to be a point where the lack of sleep overtakes the additional study time. [Via]

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