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Texas Hold’em, Skill or Luck?

By | source: Aug 4th, 2010

I was moseying around the Internet today trying to find a graphic for y’all and I got hung up on Chart Porn. No, Chart Porn is not a site with a chart of porn on it — actually it has some of the most interesting, compelling data visualizations on the web.

With a creator who has a passion for design and information, Chart Porn is not strictly infographics. Anything that is visually and mentally appealing can and will be posted on that website. Today I got this interesting poker infographic, but I also saw one of the funniest data visualizations of all time there.

As for today’s infographic, I totally agree Texas Hold’em is a skill based game. Sure, there always seems to be beginners luck, but after the first game whenever you play with experienced people, you will almost always lose. I feel I am a pretty good player at Hold’em, but hey, I am from Texas….. [Via]

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