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The Beginner’s Guide to Sushi

By | source: Sep 11th, 2013

Sushi was never my thing as a kid. Throughout my childhood my dad and brother were always trying great new sushi places around Austin, and I was usually left behind wondering what the big fuss was about, and craving Tex-Mex. In all honesty, my chopstick wielding skills are still a little awkward, but I have come a long way with my knowledge and appreciation for sushi.

I was even fortunate enough to experience Austin’s legendary sushi restaurant, Uchi–arguably the best dining experience ever. The food at that restaurant may be tiny in portion size, and have have a not-so-tiny price tag attached to it, but the sushi’s flavors, and the elegant atmosphere within its walls that night, were truly unforgettable. Each dish I tried was so delicate and intricate, and beautifully presented, I quickly realized that I was eating art.

Today’s infographic is for all of you who are sushi-phobic, or need that extra push to eat outside your comfort zone. Follow this guide and don’t let your buddies trick you into eating too much wasabi. And this little tidbit might help settle some nerves: not all sushi includes raw fish.

Please do me a favor and try the eel, I promise you’ll thank me later! [Via]

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