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The Book is Not Dead

By | source: Jan 10th, 2014

E-books are a great thing, one can take thousands of books with them but without all the weight. But books still hold a lot of charm. My favorite kind of book that e-books will never replace are Coffee Table Books. There is nothing better than walking into a home and finding large, beautiful hard-back books full of glossy vibrantly colored pictures of anything from Picasso to tree houses. Even color e-books tablets can’t hold a candle to this majesty of a coffee table book.

Book stores are another thing that e-books will not kill. Everyone loves going into a book store and paying too much for coffee and getting to click all the fancy pens, and e-books don’t have fancy pens. Book stores will continue to stay resilient against the wrath of e-books. Hell, bookstores go ahead and sell e-books just to show how little they are threatened.

All this said, I do own a kindle. I love my kindle, but I love my coffee table books more. When you boil it down, reading is good. So, physical book or e-books, at least we read enough as a culture to have the debate!

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