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The Case for Beer

By | source: Jun 13th, 2013

I’m one of the few women that enjoys craft beer. I enjoy the unique combination of flavors that many craft beers have to offer. In fact, I think I’m drawn to beer because I’ve never been much of a “sweet” person, so most of the other mixed drink options just leave me with a tummy ache. Even though I’m a fan of craft beer, I don’t think I have ever truly experienced the complex flavors that they offer. I’ve never paired them with foods or deserts, instead I usually enjoy them alone. However, after today’s infographic, I am inspired to make a fancy dinner to pair with my favorite craft beer.

Today’s infographic is about all the fantastic reasons why you should enjoy craft beer, and how to enjoy it right. That means listing the perfect temperature to serve different types of beers, and what food pairing would best compliment your beer of choice. I hope you’ll try pairing your favorite craft beer with a tasty meal! [via]

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