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The Essential Equity Release Factsheet

By | source: Oct 28th, 2012

Oh snap yâ??all, this infographic discusses a topic that is growing in importance along with our elderly population. Seriously. If you donâ??t know what an equity release is, this infogrpahic will show you the way to being more connected with our senior citizens, as this is a life decision many of them are arriving at.

Itâ??s a really great option for numerous folks who are aging and donâ??t plan on needing extra dough to leave behind. So for a lot of the elderly population, which is constantly growing by the way, getting an equity release makes sense in order to make their â??golden yearsâ? even more golden. Although this infographic focuses on the plans and fees offered in the U.K., equity releases are growing in popularity in the U.S. as well.

But not everyone owns a house, you say. This is true and a fact that reflects the prejudices and harsh realities of our society. But, with more education and the growing importance of owning homes in terms of what it means for oneâ??s family, hopefully more and more will have the opportunity to make this choice in the future. Have a great Sunday, peeps! [via]



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