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The Evolution of Olympic Coverage

By | source: Jul 19th, 2012

For me to say that I am excited for the Olympics is an understatement; I mean I am all over this event. Iâ??m reading the sports section (a rare activity on my part), following my favorite athletes on Twitter, and liked them on Facebook. Iâ??m obsessively following them in hopes of getting that much closer to being at the live event.

Thanks to social media, the 2012 Olympics have exploded. Itâ??s on television, internet, and cereal boxes. Itâ??s emotionally charged on every commercial I see. Itâ??s everywhere I look! All the hype makes me more excited for the games each day. And with the opening ceremonies less than 10 days away, social media is pulling out its after burners, and promoting the Olympics with all of its might. Even though the latest coverage only seems to be on the negative side (London coming up short on security, Ralph Lauren manufacturing the Olympic uniforms in China), everyone will at least tune in to see if London will pull through.

Todayâ??s infographic shows the evolution of Olympic coverage. Coverage of the Olympic Games has evolved from standard print to a booming business called social media. Thanks to social media, we can cover the Olympics at any time of any day. How will you cover the 2012 London Olympics? [via]

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