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The Facts About Mesothelioma

By | source: Apr 17th, 2012

Cancer affects so many families in so many ways. From parents and grand parents to 20 year old friends and siblings, these days cancer can hit at any age and it can be very unexpected. Today’s infographic covers a rare form of cancer, mesothelioma. Most cases of mesothelioma is caused by asbestosis exposure, something I for one have thought very little of.

Asbestosis exposure occurs mostly in construction works (second most in the home, EEK!) and affected many of those who worked on ground zero after September 11th. Since the construction of the world trade center, government regulations have protected buildings and builders from asbestosis exposure, but it is still seeping in through imports. Workers need to be aware of their settings, wear appropriate protective gear and follow all health regulations, as they are in place for their own protection.

This rare form of cancer is very scary, and the latency period associated with the disease. With a 20-40 year period between exposure and manifestation, patients need to be well informed of their resources. Seek help and seek advice. [Via]

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