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UK Gambling Performance Comparison

By | source: Sep 15th, 2014

Here in the US, gambling is more of a holiday affair. Most of us must travel hundreds, sometimes thousands of miles to find a legal casino. Gaming online also isn’t a viable option, and an 8-hour drive to the closest American Indian Reserve’s casino beats out the iGambling option.

However, in the UK, gambling is more of a leisure activity, and is a much more commonly accepted practice. Instead of flying to Las Vegas for a weekend, binge gambling, blowing through thousands of dollars and not sleeping for three days, our friends across the pond can gamble from their smartphone, or even their telly. Gaming in the UK is less threatening and akin to having a cold beer after work, compared to American’s binge drinking.

Today’s infographic shows the performance of UK gamblers using Smart Live Gaming, one of the larger online casinos. According to the statistics, a 42-year-old woman from Liverpool is going to be the best player at the table. Why is that? For some reason, Liverpool outperforms most cities, even London. Women tend to make 5 percent better winnings than men, and 40-44 year olds best all other age groups by a good margin.

Maybe gambling culture will change for the better in the states one day. Until then, I know my next holiday may involve some Blackjack in Liverpool. [Smart Live Gaming]

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