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Vehicle Theft

By | source: Nov 30th, 2012

I’ve been lucky when it comes to theft so far in my life. Besides a stolen ipod here or there, I’ve never experienced a real theft from my car or my home. The town I live in now is relatively small and doesn’t have too much crime. Its nice to never feel threatened when walking in dark alleys late at night or thinking my window will be smashed in every night.

Although I’ve been lucky, a look at today’s infographic shows a lot of people haven’t. I’ve always heard that Honda Accords and Civics were the most stolen cars in America. I never knew why, but I have a hunch it is because of just how easy the steal would be. Small cheap cars usually don’t have expensive anti-theft systems and because so many people have them, learning the tricks of hot-wiring the vehicle may not be so difficult.

After market alarms and tracking systems are the best way to keep a vehicle safe. Investing in those safety measures can saves thousands of dollars down the road. [DandLock]

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