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What to eat, when to eat it

By | source: Aug 7th, 2012

Food is a key factor in our heath, wellness and weight. Replacing processed, canned and frozen foods with fresh foods has a solid impact on your health. I have a constant problem with keeping my produce fresh long enough to eat it and choosing high quality produce. Most of this can be fixed by simply checking which fruits and vegetables are in season before heading out to the grocery store.

Today’s infographic is a handy little chart that informs you of what produce is in season. The chart is very well designed, it is perfect to print out to hang in your kitchen, or to bring along to the store. This summer, be on the look out for some fresh raspberries, strawberries, pomagranates, peaches, cucumbers, basil, lemons, grapes and figs, just to name a few.

Eat fresh, stay fresh and maintain a healthy lifestyle! Do any of you infographers try to maintain a diet of fresh foods? And we would love to know, what are your favorite fruits and vegetables? [Via]

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