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What You Need in an Office Chair

By | source: Jun 4th, 2016

We’ve all heard about how terrible sitting all day is for you, and most of us can attest to how long hours in awkward postures can make the body ache.

Well, here’s an infographic to help you identify the features you need in a chair that you can sit in for hours on end without messing up your body in the process.

Are you a person who likes to sit forward in their chair, maybe perched on the edge of your seat? While that will never be as ideal as leaning back, if your chair has an adujstable seat you can tilit the pan forward to encourage healthy spinal posture.

Arms are surprisingly heavy, which makes armrests surprisingly important. As a person sitting in an armless chair while writing this, I am suddenly aware of how my arms weigh on my shoulders and neck.

Chair technology has certainly come a long way, but I’m still waiting to spend my office hours in an elecronics-infused wetsuit, suspended in a block of smart-gel controlling ephemeral, 3D displays with slight gestures and sub-vocalizations. Until then, happy sitting!

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