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Why You Are an STD Risk

By | source: Oct 5th, 2011

I was listening to a local independent radio station recently, and right after the Black Keys song I’d heard a million times they played a commercial I had never heard. The commercial alleged that Sexually Transmitted Diseases are a growing concern in my city, hit me with some frightening statistics, and then allowed me to get back to the next overplayed indie hit. I can appreciate the need to spread the word that if you have sex or sit on compromised toilet seats, you should be aware of the risks. Today’s infographic aims to do just that, with more detailed information and statistics.

Scanning the infographic gives a good, and somewhat graphic (if you, like me, are squeamish) description of the most common STDs broken down by gender. I found the last section, Additional/Intriguing Facts About STDs, to be the most interesting as it illuminates the cultural response to STDs. Apparently, only 1/3rd of individuals with an STD shared that personal detail with their sexual partner before intercourse. Scary. [via]

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