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How Can CBD Brands Possibly Stand Out Amidst a Saturated Market?

By | source: Mar 2nd, 2020

While it is exciting to get involved in a growth market, becoming a standout company is extremely difficult. Over the past few years, this is precisely what new CBD brands have been finding out – at their own expense. If they didn’t get in initially, these companies are playing catch-up compared to companies with years of experience.

PureKana is a prime example of a tried and trusted CBD brand. You can read pretty much every PureKana review, and they will all tell you the same thing: that the company provides high-quality CBD products at an affordable price. The brand ticks all the boxes when it comes to earning trust and establishing credibility, which is what any new CBD brand is after.

A study published in 2020 outlined issues such as mislabeling and fraud in the CBD industry. It gives an inkling of how hard it is for a new company to gain the credibility of an established brand like PureKana.

There are a minimum of 3,500 CBD brands in the United States alone. In such a saturated market, how can fledgling CBD brands – those with experience but little exposure – make the step up? Let's take a look.

1 – Find a Sub-niche

If you’re a new CBD brand, looking to capture the entire market is a complete waste of time. You have little chance of beating the likes of PureKana, which already has an enormous customer base.

Instead, you should look for niche growth markets within the industry. Do you believe that your CBD oil is the best around? If it is, you need to invest all your time and energy into it, rather than making it just one product out of an expansive range.

Realistically, it would help if you looked into other parts of the market. There are dozens of CBD products available. While it is true that most aspects of the industry are already saturated, there are still areas with room to grow.

For example, Serene Jane is a company that knew precisely how to get both feet in the door. This brand specializes in products for women that are in perimenopause; in such a tightly defined niche, the company has managed to find a consistent customer base that they can rely on, rather than competing with thousands of other labels over the same target audience.

2 – Embrace Big Data Analytics

The term ‘big data’ relates to enormous data sets analyzed to reveal trends, associations, and patterns. Companies are especially interested in human behavior and interactions, as it can give them a unique insight into what customers think, need, and want.

If you want to become a successful CBD brand, you have to perform a deep dive into data and understand the story that it is telling. This means poring through the purchasing habits of consumers in your niche, analyzing studies into the products you’re selling, and browsing anecdotal evidence from users of similar products.

A few years ago, each CBD brand effectively took a stab in the dark due to the relative lack of data that was available. These days, there is no excuse due to the incredible amount of information at your fingertips. Although there is still an element of the ‘Wild West’ about the CBD market, consumers are now well-informed, and they expect CBD brands to be as well.

3 – Navigate Advertising Hurdles

This is perhaps the biggest challenge facing every CBD brand. Typically, a business understands the importance of social media when trying to reach as many people as possible. However, as CBD advertising is effectively banned on sites such as Facebook and Amazon, companies have a major obstacle to overcome. If you try to place a paid ad on any social media site, it will get taken down rapidly.

These limitations mean CBD brands have to get creative with how they advertise. They place features in hemp and CBD publications, host industry events, and even pay influencers to find savvy ways to get people to buy the brand’s products. Those who are unable to find a way through the minefield are quickly lost amidst the over-saturated market.

Then there are the constant issues with Google. Websites in the CBD industry work hard to get noticed on the search engine. Yet, they often find that a change to algorithms causes their traffic to collapse practically overnight. Hundreds of companies have gone out of business after the last few updates.

Therefore, you must find a way to get your CBD brand noticed without relying on Google. Creating partnerships with CBD websites is a mutually beneficial arrangement. However, many of the industry leaders already have agreements with your rivals!

Final Thoughts on How a CBD Brand Can Stand Out

If it were easy to become a successful CBD brand, we wouldn’t have a case where most people haven’t heard of 99% of CBD companies. The reality is a huge proportion of new CBD companies fail – especially when they don’t do their due diligence and put in the groundwork. Trying to become noticed in one of the world’s most saturated markets is tough, but it's not impossible.

Find a sub-niche that hasn’t yet been exhausted, use big data, and find a way to advertise that doesn’t involve social media. Do all of the above, and you might have a fighting chance.

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GMass Review: Features, Pros & Cons

By | source: Jun 11th, 2021

GMass is a cold (unsolicited) email marketing service and mail merge tool that works within the Gmail platform. The service purports to help businesses increase their open rates by making email outreach campaigns easy to manage from your Google inbox. 

In the past, GMass’ platform has been popular with bloggers and recruiters. But thanks to recent upgrades, GMass hopes to expand its clientele to email marketers and sales professionals seeking to run their campaigns from the comfort of a Gmail inbox. 

In this GMass review, we’ll cover their:

  •     Main features (including 2021 updates)
  •     Pros and cons
  •     2021 pricing model


What is GMass?

GMass is a mass email campaign builder and sender that works with Gmail and Google Inbox. The system itself is a Chrome extension that embeds within Gmail to help you maximize Google’s emailing services. 

With GMass, you can easily:

  •     Extract email addresses from previous conversations
  •     Send emails as replies to your initial outreach email
  •     Integrate with Google Sheets 
  •     Automatically send follow-up emails based on specific parameters

But beyond that, GMass’ features are somewhat limited – for instance, there’s no A/B testing, outside integrations, or email templates. 


Gmass review

GMass Review: Features

Before we review Gmass’ pros and cons, let’s get a feel for their main features. 


Email Campaigns

Because GMass downloads directly into your Google mailbox, there’s very little learning curve to use this software. Simply use the quick install option and start composing emails right from your native inbox. 

One of GMass’ big selling points – and a recent 2021 update – is that they now use their own servers to route emails. As such, you can “break” Gmail’s daily send limits (more on that below) and up to 10,000 emails per day. 

When it comes to your campaigns themselves, you can send personalized cold emails with follow-up sequences to maximize responses. Any follow-up emails send as “replies” to the last thread with each recipient, so you don’t have to worry about spamming their inbox.

And with behavior-based campaigns, you can send emails to segments of prior campaigns based on specific behaviors, such as open, read, or ignored. Plus, automatic scheduling lets you can set your mail merge to repeat daily or hourly. 


Email Templates

When it comes to building your emails, unfortunately, GMass offers no templates. But after you design your first message in Gmail, you can save that email as a template for future campaigns. 

You can use this same template as often as you want for multiple users and campaigns. And once you have a library of templates built up, you can use the GMass search bar to find your favorites. 


Personalization Tools

GMass supports a functional, but limited, range of personalization – you can individualize items like:

  •     Recipient names
  •     Fallback values (if you don’t know a recipient’s name)
  •     Merge tags
  •     Images
  •     Attachments
  •     Headers

GMass also offers first-name detection to help you fill out your address book. And with the Google Sheets integration, you can automatically build a list of recipient emails with their names, fallback values, and merge tags to speed up the process. 



GMass also has a fairly comprehensive analytical dashboard you can use to check your progress and tweak future campaigns. Like GMass itself, your analytics dashboard is embedded in your Gmail inbox. From here, you can:

  •     Get information on open, click, and reply rates
  •     Generate a graphical representation of your reports
  •     Export data into a new Google Sheet or CSV
  •     Turn on auto-updates to stream live data into Google Sheets
  •     View a breakdown of all domains you send to within a particular campaign 

GMass also offers a live, web-based report with up-to-date information that you can share with anyone – even if they’re not in your network.


Customer Support

GMass is a fairly simple platform that performs a handful of tasks well (so long as you only need Gmail for your marketing campaign). But if you run into trouble, you can turn to their online helpdesk full of updated blogs and FAQs

Alternatively, you can contact customer support via their email or ticketing systems. At the time of writing, GMass does not offer phone or live support of any kind. 

gmass gmail email

GMass Pros

Despite GMass’ ease of use, this mail merge platform is designed to maximize Google’s outbound email system – a hefty advantage for Gmail users. 

Quick Email Composition

GMass makes it easy to compose emails. Just open up Gmail’s compose box, add text and inline images or attachments, and hit send. 

Accessible Email Lists

When you first download GMass, the software trawls previous conversations and adds recipients to a Google Sheet. You can also use Gmail’s search feature to find specific conversations and compose a message to only those addressees. GMass even offers a built-in verifier to ensure you’re sending emails to live accounts. 

Easy (But Simple) Automation

GMass’ automation features are easy to use, though not expansive. You can schedule and monitor your email campaigns, activate automated follow-ups until you receive a reply, and send personalized responses. You can also automate your Google Sheets to receive data from your analytics dashboard in real time. 

Email Campaigns as Replies

If you receive replies to your email campaigns, you can compose one message with personalized variables (such as a greeting and sign-off) and send in bulk as your response. This boosts your engagement by making your recipients feel like you wrote your email just for them – while saving you time in the process. 

Enhanced Distribution

Gmail imposes outbound email limits of 500 per day for regular accounts, or 2,000 per day with Google Suite. But GMass uses their own servers to route emails to your recipients – which means you can boost your email output to 10,000 per day (without getting in trouble with Google!).


GMass Cons

Of course, no platform is without its downsides – and GMass is no exception. 

Chrome Extension Only Works with Gmail

This downside is a double-whammy: as a Gmail-based service, GMass only works with Gmail’s system, which means you’re bound by Gmail’s basic email composition constraints. Additionally, as a Chrome-only extension, you have to work entirely within Google’s system to use GMass. 

No A/B Testing

A/B testing is a fairly standard offering in today’s email marketing climate – but unfortunately, GMass doesn’t offer this basic service.  


It’s possible to create your own templates by designing an email with text, images, and attachments. However, GMass comes with no included templates to make your email marketing process faster. Plus, you can only save email templates that are fully support by Google mailbox. 

mass email gmail


GMass is also sorely and unusually lacking in the integrations department. The only “integration” is Google Sheets, which you use to develop and manage your recipient list. 


GMass’ analytics dashboard is fairly standard in what it shows. And though it does offer a unique web-based report – with no login required – the URL is public, and thus accessible to anyone. While this makes it easy to share your analytics, it still means that anyone with your URL can view your data anytime.  


GMass Review: 2021 Pricing

GMass now offers two basic pricing tiers (their former “Minimal Plan” has been discontinued). You can pay by debit card, credit card, or PayPal. 

With the Standard plan, users get unlimited use and access to all features except for sequence and follow-up abilities. This plan starts at $12.95 per month or $129 annually for an individual.

Premium comes with all of GMass’ features and starts at $19.95 per month. You can also bundle a team of five members together started at $89 per month. (Team packages are only available at the Premium tier.)


GMass Review: Is This Bulk Email Marketing System Worth It?

GMass is an email marketing Gmail extension that only works in Chrome, and only offers one integration: Google Sheets. As such, if you’re not a Gmail-based marketer, investing in this software isn’t just a bad move; it won’t work at all. 

But if you’re a Gmail-based outbound marketer who wants to boost your send rate, increase engagement, and maximize your Gmail account with a simple, easy-to-use platform, then GMass offers robust tools at a solid price. 

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How Do You Know If You Are Entrepreneur Material?

By | source: Jun 10th, 2021

Being an entrepreneur allows you to exploit all your qualities, polish them and make use of them to achieve great goals such as increasing your income, reaching your financial independence, but above all, following your dreams. 

However, you can't wait for your dreams to happen; to start a business, you need to have capital. Camino Financial offers small business loans that will help you achieve your personal and professional goals.

Being your boss, organizing your schedule, and setting your salary, require a lot of effort. Consider that you will be working more than you do today for a company, so be prepared mentally, emotionally, and physically.

To be an entrepreneur, you need knowledge. You may be very good at certain areas of your project, but chances are you may have to improve in other aspects to have a successful business. Your product may be the best, but if you don't know how to market it and sell it, it won't be of much use. 

Don't let anything limit you in the pursuit of your dream. If you don't have the budget for your business project, don’t worry, you can access financing through microloans for small businesses. 

Remember that every entrepreneur has a different entrepreneurial thumbprint, and the key is to recognize your areas of opportunity for improvement. Here are some characteristics that will help strengthen your entrepreneurial material.


Being visionary

A good entrepreneur must have a panoramic vision and anticipatory thinking. As an entrepreneur, you’ll need to keep an eye on what is happening around you and make decisions before things happen. 

This doesn’t mean that you’ll have to become a fortune teller. Instead, it means developing the capacity of identifying unusual movements in the market, and even in the world, to find windows of opportunity or anticipate crises.

A good entrepreneur does not base his predictions only on the trends he observes in social networks or the immediate environment of his business. It is also essential to access data. Whether they come from market studies prepared for your company or from global studies such as those carried out by specialized platforms. All these figures and their analysis can be an excellent compass when making decisions.


Be proactive

Take the initiative and look for alternatives to grow your business, even if advice or statistics say otherwise. Solutions can come from disruptive ideas that are generated thanks to proactivity. 

Proactivity is often confused with anxiety. To be a proactive person it is necessary to be calculating, to wait for the exact moment to act, to help, and to give that extra mile that every business requires. If you don’t think your moves clearly, you will only be wasting time, money and on many occasions, you will cause more damage than benefits.

If you identify an area of opportunity to grow, don't be limited by your economic capacity. Apply for small business loans and reach your greatest potential.


Be persistent

Entrepreneurship is not a race of speed but of endurance. People who venture to establish a business should know from the beginning that it will not be an easy task and will require a lot of persistence. If you think that from day one you will achieve great results, you are not being true to yourself.

The growth of a company is a process that will present multiple falls, obstacles, and really hard knocks. It is necessary for entrepreneurs to work on their resilience, a necessary skill for failure to make them stronger and to be open to learning in order to be better entrepreneurs, but above all, better human beings.

Be passionate

To start a business, it is necessary to have an engine that drives you to achieve your goals, something that you are passionate about and is the reason to get up every day. 

The object of passion is different in each case, and it can be the product or service you offer, the interpersonal relationships you generate by operating it, your family, an alternative project, or even money. All are valid reasons that should be reflected in your decisions.

Being passionate will allow you to face the bad economic, administrative, and operational moments of a company. It will give you the strength to get up every day with your head held high to fight the battle of your life. It is important not to confuse being passionate with being foolish or irresolute. The basis of any work is the openness to recognize that we are not experts in every aspect and open healthy channels of communication.


Be organized

Being the head of a project requires facing different types of responsibilities. On the one hand, you are in charge of satisfying the needs of your clients, and on the other, being attentive to the needs of your work team, both professionally and even helping them achieve their personal goals.

The only way to deal with these big commitments is through organization. From the moment you start your entrepreneurial adventure, your head will race double or three times as much as it usually does. 

The recommendation is to be organized, write all the information you receive in tools such as agendas, calendars, or task managers and try to stick to them. You also need time for your loved ones.


Being a leader

Every project needs to have a head to steer the ship, someone who influences the team and is willing to be a role model. This particular assignment can be tricky because it involves keeping your team motivated and communicating ideas.

The best leader is the one who takes into account the human aspect of building a great team. If you consider that you lack training in this aspect, go to institutions specialized in generating habits and strategies to bring out the leader that exists within you. If you do not have the budget for this project, get help from small business loans to achieve your goal.


Be adaptable to changes

If the Covid-19 pandemic made one thing clear to us, it is that life can change in a second. We were suddenly faced with mobility restrictions that completely changed our lives. Predictably, this was reflected in every business. Technological tools were essential for companies to continue operating and, above all, generating income.

Undoubtedly, a person who does not adapt to changes or resists them had greater difficulty in facing the challenges of 2020 and what is going to 2021. For this reason, future entrepreneurs must be open to change, convinced that the only permanent thing will be the variables and that any plan can be modified at any time if they are willing to succeed.


Be sociable

An entrepreneur who doesn't know how to socialize won't make it on his or her own. If you don't like to interact with other people, share your knowledge and accept that you can't do everything on your own, entrepreneurship is probably not for you. Regardless of the niche in which you want to develop, networking will be a fundamental part of the growth and success of your company.

Generating alliances, commercial relationships, or even partnerships is the day-to-day of any entrepreneurship. Your ability to relate and generate empathy with all kinds of people will be essential to achieve the objectives of your business and above all, to demonstrate the values and philosophy of your company.


Be innovative

For many years we have associated the word innovation with technology. Although these concepts are compatible, you do not necessarily need technology to be innovative.

Innovation is all those changes that can be generated within a process, product, or service. Regardless of the market in which an entrepreneur wants to enter, he/she can generate innovation.

Changing a bad practice or implementing an improvement to a process, for example, that reduces costs, achieves greater satisfaction, or even revolutionizes the industry, is innovation and is the best tool to differentiate yourself from the competition. Innovations do not distinguish sizes or niches. They only focus on results.


Work as a team

No matter what type of business you want to start, teamwork is an extremely important assignment. We all think we know how to work in a team, but when we confront ideas with other people, it is likely that we are not as good as we thought we were. 

Working in a team will allow you to strengthen a company through different visions. Remember that there is no better idea than listening to all ideas. Feeling accompanied and supported in times of crisis will be fundamental to not throw the towel and continue in the entrepreneurial adventure.


Willingness to learn

We could list many other qualities that are usually required in entrepreneurs, but undoubtedly the most important one is the willingness to learn. Regardless of your level of education or experience, entrepreneurs have to be willing to learn something new every day. 

Whether the knowledge comes from academic or empirical sources, the important thing is to learn from each experience. Generate new and better ideas that can be applied within a business enterprise. Remember that one of the main intentions of any entrepreneurship should be to improve the world or at least make someone's life much easier.

These lessons come from many places, sometimes from the least expected places. Keep an open mind; you can get helpful tips from different people.

No one is born with superpowers; establishing a business requires effort, perseverance, and discipline. Success does not happen overnight; it is necessary to believe in yourself, train yourself and work every day for the dream of your life. If you do not have the financial resources to achieve it, you can rely on companies like Camino financial, which offers the best small business loans to consolidate all the needs of your powerful idea.

The adventure of entrepreneurship will bring great experiences to develop you personally and professionally. Having a business implies being part of the economic activation of your community, state, and country. You will create direct and indirect jobs, you will bring food to your table and the table of many families. It is a journey that is undoubtedly worth it. Are you ready to start a business? Share with us your dream.

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5 Ways to Know If You’re Using Organic CBD Oil

By | source: Jun 3rd, 2021

One of the main issues with the CBD oil industry is the lack of regulation. Brands can sell products without being completely honest about what’s inside. It is a real problem because consumers could accidentally ingest excess THC or harmful chemicals.

CBD oils ‘should’ come from organic hemp. High-quality PureKana CBD oil could help with a variety of issues. It is commonly used to help with anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and epilepsy.

What’s more, there is science behind these claims. A study published in Molecules in 2019 looked at the use of CBD oil to treat epilepsy. The researchers went through the cannabinoid’s efficacy and safety in clinical trials. According to the study authors, CBD could represent hope for patients who aren’t being helped by typical anti-epileptic drugs.

Amid lax regulation, it is a case of ‘buyer beware.’ When investing in CBD oil, you must ensure it comes from a reputable brand. How can you tell you’re getting organic CBD oil from a trustworthy source? Follow these five tips.

1 – Third-Party Lab Reports

Under no circumstances should you buy CBD oil from a brand that doesn’t provide third-party lab reports. These certificates of analysis (COAs) enable you to see what is inside the product. This documentation includes details on the CBD and THC content, not to mention other cannabinoids and terpenes.

It also proves that there are no harmful chemicals inside. Brands like PureKana include lab reports with every batch. Whether you’re buying mint CBD oil 1000mg or CBD honey sticks, you get all the relevant information. Also, make sure the laboratory used by a brand is reputable.

2 – List of Ingredients

It is against the law for a CBD company to sell CBD oils without proper labeling in states like Indiana. If a brand doesn’t have a list of ingredients or has a long line of them, it is best to walk away. PureKana, for instance, includes nothing but organic hemp extract, MCT oil, terpenes, and natural flavors in its range of CBD oils. It is unnecessary to add anything else to a high-quality product.

The label should also clearly state how much CBD is in the bottle. It is also necessary to provide information on the number of servings in a container and the amount of CBD in each serving.

3 – Where the Hemp Comes From

Now that industrial hemp is legal to cultivate in the United States, there is no excuse for a CBD brand to use anything other than premium grade hemp. There are now dozens of high-quality organic hemp farms in the United States and Europe.

PureKana’s hemp comes from licensed farms in Kentucky. There are few places with a better reputation for growing hemp than the Bluegrass State. The brand also does an excellent job of discussing its process, so customers can rest assured that they receive the very best hemp.

4 – Information on the CBD Brand

One of the scourges of the CBD industry is the complete lack of information about so many brands. It is maddeningly common to visit a website to find that there isn’t an “About Us” page. Too many companies fail to provide much information on where they are situated or who is in charge.

It is difficult for consumers to trust faceless organizations. PureKana is aware of all this, which is why the company is extremely transparent. You will find a huge array of information about the brand on its official website. For example, its headquarters are in Scottsdale, Arizona. Kathy Casey is the CEO, Brian Meadows is the CFO, while Jeff Yauck and Cody Alt are the co-founders and act as Directors.

5 – Customer Reviews

Many of the brands that provide little information also have a minimal social media presence. Moreover, it is extremely hard to find any customer reviews. Obviously, you need to think twice about a brand with bad reviews, but it is almost as worrying when you can’t find any information!

With PureKana, you will find detailed reviews of the company on dozens of independent websites. There are also thousands of customer reviews on third-party sites such as TrustPilot. With this level of information available, it is extremely easy for customers to gather enough information to make a valid purchasing decision.

Final Thoughts on Knowing When You’re Getting Organic CBD Oil

Not every CBD oil product is made the same. Unfortunately, there is a staggering disparity between the standard of what is available. To avoid buying a product with harmful chemicals and excess THC, you need to perform detailed research.

Make sure the CBD brand offers third-party lab reports and clear information on product ingredients. Look for details of the company, including customer reviews, and always ensure they use organic hemp grown on a licensed farm.

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20+ User-Friendly Graphic Design Tools to Jumpstart Your Designer Career

By | source: May 31st, 2021

New graphic design tools crop up daily: there are lovely surprises and some disappointments. It's difficult to keep pace with the trends, even if you are a pro designer with years of experience. 

Beginner designers struggle with picking the best graphic design schools and apps even more. True, you need inspiration, motivation, and talent to work in design. But you also need to know:

  • Where to start with graphic design equipment
  • How to find free graphic design tools, and 
  • What apps to invest in once you achieve an expert level.

This knowledge will not only simplify your working day but also flatten the steep learning curve graphic designers face when learning new stuff. 

And, finally, it will free space to focus on what matters most — designing beautiful visuals — infographics, illustrations, animations, T-shirts, magazines, and brochures that don’t end up in the (recycle) bin.

graphic design tools for beginners

Free Graphic Design Tools for Beginners

To build the practice and polish skills, you must design daily. For growing design confidence, nothing beats persistent exercise. If you are just starting, there are graphic design apps that you can get for free that will help you deal with common issues beginner designers face, including: 

  • Undervalued work
  • Tight deadlines 
  • Free design templates
  • Fierce competition

The following free design tools will effectively remove at least some of the stress that arises when dealing with picky first-time clients. Also, it will be easier to tackle ferocious competition from design experts and the lack of experience in an established market.   


Recognized as one of the easiest tools to use, Canva graphic design software is the layman’s favorite. 

Senior designers may not appreciate the somewhat restricted layouts and templates. But students venturing into graphic design, as well as amateur marketers will benefit from the:

  • Simple drag-and-drop features
  • In-the-box text editing
  • Abundance of learning tutorials

Canva includes tons of free templates, social media posters, and infographic makers. You can use them to spruce up your website and social media content even if you are not a designer.      

Canva gimp art studio lite vectr


In contrast to popular paid image editors,, the open-source Gimp is free and available for Linux OS, too. Despite being based on features that aren’t as advanced as those of Photoshop, Gimp is still not as basic. It contains a plethora of layers, curves, and filters that can help you learn the trade. 

The major benefit compared to Adobe Photoshop is, undoubtedly, the non-existing license cost. 

ArtStudio Lite

The paid version of this graphic design tool is intended for drawing, painting, sketching, and image editing. ArtStudio is feature-rich and includes a user-friendly interface for iPhone. 

If you don’t want to pay your fair share of coffee-to-go for the full version, get ArtStudio Lite, especially if you want to experiment with game design. Design professionals appreciate ArtStudio’s high-quality brush tools the most.


Interested in working with vector graphics such as .svg or .xml files? Than Vectr may be the tool for you.

Vector graphic design tools use math equations that translate to points connected by vector paths. Vector paths can be either lines or curves. Unlike bitmap images that are based on pixels, vector graphics allow you to:

  • Create shapes on images that can be scaled without compromising quality 
  • Convert images to bitmap (raster) format
  • Use smaller file sizes

You can use Vectr in the browser or download the graphic design app to your computer. Start learning by watching the interactive on-screen lessons.

graphic tools adobe spark paint 3d pixlr

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is not completely free. But since you won’t get far in the design career unless you learn basic Adobe graphic design tools, the free Adobe Spark templates may be the best place to immerse in the world of Adobe. 

You need an Adobe, e-mail, Facebook, Google, or Apple account to get access to the reasonable inventory of free social media graphics, occasion posters, and short video creation templates.

Paint 3D

It’s next to impossible to never have heard of Paint 3D, the MS-Windows 10 image editing and 3D modeling tool, or of its predecessor MS Paint. 

Paint3D can be used by anyone for 2D and 3D modeling, basic image editing, or just plain doodling. The app is free.

You do need to own Windows 10, though, so, consider calculating the costs for that if you don’t own a licensed Windows software. 



Known for its extensive focus on privacy and security, Pixlr is among the safest graphic design tools. Your images don’t get stored on the Pixlr system. 

The quick fix filters provide professional-like quality to beginner photos. Therefore, by downloading Pixlr you can test the feel of expertly edited pictures by using the included tools for free.   

photo tool snapseed


Although Snapseed is free, even experienced professional designers like using it because of its advanced image editing features: 

  • Gesture-based interface
  • Expert-friendly filters
  • Image tuning tools, including ambiance, highlights, and shadows
  • Structure and sharpness features
  • HDR Scape
  • Adjust angle and perspective
  • Healing tool for small blemish removal

It can take some time to get to grips with this editing app known for its green leaf logo. Consequently, when you consider graphic design tools for photographers, this app should come at a later stage.   

How to Learn Graphic Design for Free

There are several ways to build a career in graphic design and not all of them include university attendance. Many graphic design software companies make their own free video tutorials. Additionally, there is an abundance of free lessons from industry peers and guides that let you tackle a specific graphic design challenge. 

tips learn free graphic design online

Here are five potential roads you can take to learn graphic design for free or for a bargain price:

Regardless of what your learning preference is, you can save big with free classes. 

You may need to pay a fee to get a professional certification. Keep in mind, though, that you may not always need one as your creations will be the best testimonial of what you can do.

career graphic design

Is Graphic Design a Good Career Choice?

It takes years to build advanced graphic design skills. 

Take your time and don’t get disheartened by the variety of available courses. 

It is useful if you have a clear idea of the graphic design career path you want to take to direct your efforts to a specific learning area. 

Essential Tools for Graphic Designers

Passionate learning is just one element of preparing yourself for a career in graphic design. You also need to pick up some equipment to help you get started. Fortunately, you probably already have the essentials. You can search for affordable deals to get the rest of the basic graphic design equipment.

start graphic design computer


A 21.5? or 27? desktop monitor (potentially two) or at least 15? or 16? laptop monitor with a 4K resolution, 16 GB system RAM, 4 GB VRAM GPU, external disk for backup, and an Internet connection are the minimum computer requirements for graphic design. MacBook Pro is a good choice. 


You can conveniently run a full day’s work of graphic design on a smartphone, for example:

  • Download graphic design apps 
  • Organize your portfolio 
  • Take photos 
  • Play with digital art anywhere 
  • Communicate with clients

Invest in a nice quality phone to give your career a head start.

graphic design pantone color

Pantone Color System Tools

The role of color in branding is important. Understanding the Pantone color system or a similar color interpretation tool is key to meeting color standards for print, packaging, and product design.  

Project Management Tools

As a designer, you can use a bit of a creative mess, but preferably not in self-organization. Choose a collaboration app to store files, track projects, schedule tasks, create checklists and manage lessons. Try Trello, Basecamp, Jira, or Asana for an organized designer’s life. 

Designer’s Portfolio

Finally, showcase your work on the web by uploading a designer’s portfolio. Create your website or a profile on Behance and Dribbble for active community involvement and access to attractive graphic design jobs.

graphid design apps for senior designers

Best Graphic Design Apps for Senior Designers

Graphic designers are on a constant path of self-improvement. Therefore, it’s difficult to call yourself an expert. You can, however, acquire expert skills in a certain domain and become a senior designer. Many senior graphic designers choose one of the following apps as a specialty.  

Adobe Creative Cloud Tools

With Adobe cloud tools, you get a powerful suite of advanced graphic design tools which allow you to:

  • Use apps on several devices
  • Receive instant updates and new features 
  • Access to Adobe Creative Cloud libraries
  • Use Adobe typography

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe InDesign are widely accepted graphic design apps used by senior design professionals.


The most famous photo editing app has gained credit among seasoned professionals thanks to the simplicity it provides for editing images and videos in various formats, responsive design tools, and quick file transfer. The main downside is that it comes with a high price tag. 


Developed for creating vector graphics, Adobe Illustrator is the tool of choice of top vector graphic designers who get access to flagship vector art, support tutorials, as well as working projects for beginners and advanced students. By using Illustrator you will sharpen the skills of the graphic design software that serves as an industry standard.

InDesign CC

Adobe InDesign provides examples of beautifully done professional-quality templates for books, magazines, publications, newspapers, flyers, and posters, as well as a chance to contribute your own page design layouts and craft visually appealing digital messages.

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Inkscape is an open-source graphic design software for creating 2D designs with features such as:

  • Object creation
  • Object manipulation
  • Fill and stroke tools
  • Operations on paths
  • Text support
  • Rendering

The good news is that it includes a generous stack of tutorials. It is, therefore, considered to be a decent free alternative to the expensive Adobe. 



Sketch includes a powerful vector editor, built-in prototyping, and an excellent file sharing and collaboration system. However, it’s only available for macOS. 


Similar to Adobe design apps, CorelDraw also belongs to pricier graphic design tools for vector graphic and photo editing. If you decide to go for the CorelDraw Graphics Suite, you get six apps, including features you cannot find anywhere else which you can use to create almost anything.

From Free Graphic Design Lessons to Captivating Audiences

Building a career in graphic design takes time. However, the initial effort pays off as you progress with skills and understanding the market. 

free graphic design lessons

Having a passion for the job is a prerequisite to start but you won’t get far without a desire for life-long learning of the trade. Original graphic design software shows up constantly and to stay afloat, a healthy interest in technologies is a must. 

Considering that a graphic design career includes creativity, an array of versatile jobs across industries, and plenty of space for getting a fat paycheck, you can’t go wrong by learning the basics of popular graphic design tools. 

Make smart choices and scale proportionally as you build a senior graphic designer portfolio. In this way, you can turn a modest start into a lucrative career path. 

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Six Creative Ways Of Using Posters

By | source: May 7th, 2021

A beautiful and well-decorated home is not only a marvel for the host but also the guests. Using decorative prints and posters is an intriguing way of achieving such a home. Understanding the different styles of using posters allows you to make your home even more alluring.

There are six main ways of using posters during decoration. Each style lightens up your home and gives it its distinctive feel. This article discusses these six ways and how they help to improve the look of your home.

  1. Framed posters

Although framing posters is quite pricey, it is worth the effort and money put into it. Hanging large or medium-sized framed posters on your walls creates an intimate feel to your home. Additionally, it makes the room feel sophisticated and vintage. The benefit of hanging framed posters is that they appear organized and well-maintained.

  1. Using binder clips 

In business rooms or home offices, using binder clips offers a cheaper and stylish alternative to framed posters. Binder clips have recently become a fashion statement in most offices attributed to their multiple functions. Therefore, you can tap into this fashion by using binder clips to hang your posters in the office.

Binder clips come in different colours like gold, which blends beautifully with posters. All you need to do is use push pins to hold the binders in place. Afterward, hang your poster with clips or a wire. The style creates a perfect complement to any modern home or office.

  1. Use motivational quote posters and prints.

Everyone needs a little motivation now and then, and nothing does this better than a poster with a motivational text. Looking at such text motivates by reminding you that you can make it through any situation. Such posters and prints also make a room have depth and look desirable. Although motivational quotes are the most common, you can also decide to use any other text.













  1. Using posters of fine art

You might lack millions to purchase a piece of fine art made by great artists and have it hanging on your wall. However, the good news is that you can get high-resolution prints of such works with a bit of money to spare. The National Gallery of Art allows open access to selected art pieces after payment of a prescribed fee.

The gallery also allows you to download high-resolution images of selected artworks. After downloading, you can then print beautiful posters and hang them in your home. Such posters will leave your home looking beautiful and expensive.

  1. Creating a gallery wall

Have you ever desired to decorate your home using your family pictures? A gallery wall is easily the best way to achieve this. To create a gallery wall, all you require are a bunch of your family photos. The next step is to have those photos printed out as posters.

After printing the posters, have them framed and then hung them decoratively on your wall. To increase the dramatic effect of the gallery wall, make use of pictures with a specific theme. The best places to have a gallery wall are the living room and the bedroom on the wall above the head of the bed. Take note to use the minimal number of posters when creating a gallery wall since overdoing it might lead to colour clashing. 

Photo wall gallery


  1. Use different printing paper.

Different art and pictures appear differently on various printing papers. When an image agrees with the printing paper, the resulting poster is more attractive. Therefore, when printing or choosing posters for your home, always consider the type of paper.

For example, if you enjoy automotive, bikes, or racetrack posters, go for the ones with metallic paper. This paper will give the images more pop and shine. If you are a sucker for soft pictures with natural light, pick posters with deep matte paper. This paper presents the images with an artistic soft feel that leaves your home looking beautiful and radiant.


To sum it all up, there are lots of styles to use posters and prints to improve the appearance and feel of our homes. Each of the ways has a distinct function that will leave your home looking more attractive than before. However, it is critical to ensure that you use posters moderately without overdoing them to avoid colour clashing and redundancy.

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