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Online Casino Insights – When? Where? How?

By | source:888Casino Sep 29th, 2016


Casino games have evolved in the last decade and not only is there an extensive variety of

games available for avid gamblers to enjoy playing but the way these games are being

played has also developed. The way in which these games are played has also changed,

with casinos now accessible on land in traditional casino buildings, online and in a virtual

reality world. The gambling market has spread globally, as cultures worldwide have

embraced it as a modern form of entertainment and casinos are now a commonly accepted

recreational activity.


Women vs. Men

According to 888casino’s latest Online Casino Insights, the number of female gamblers has

increased notably in the past few years, with many women showing a preference for playing

through online casinos. As more women are using online and land-based casinos, studies

have been conducted to test what differentiates them from men and it is apparent that

women are less willing to take risks compared to men but if the reward is high; then women

have an appetite for risk. The online gambling sector is worth an estimated £36 billion

worldwide and with more women showing an interest than ever before; this staggering value

looks set to rise.


Online Casinos vs. Land Casinos

A new generation of gamblers has been welcomed into the world of casinos and many of

these flock to the online sites that offer a multitude of games, great graphics and even sound

effects that help players to feel as though they have stepped into a real-life casino in the

heart of Las Vegas without having to leave their home. However, traditional land casinos

have not lost their appeal and instead, the two sectors surprisingly complement each other

perfectly, with each enjoying their own fair share of the pie.


Responsible Gambling

The digitization of casinos has created a more socially acceptable way to gamble but in

response to this new acceptance; many gambling companies have taken positive steps to

ensure that they actively promote responsible gambling in a bid to ensure that the sector is

dutifully-regulated. As casinos have become more casual and the longstanding stigma and

taboo tags associated with gambling have faded, casual gambling online has become a

popular form of entertainment. In a day and age when the internet seemingly rules the world,

the recent embrace of socially acceptable gambling platforms – from land casinos to those

online – means that responsible gambling is something that all casinos need to focus on.


Place Your Bets on The Future …

Standing out in a competitive market is hard work and for online casinos in the future, it is

imperative to continue to push the boundaries. They will need to offer more games, attract

members with bigger incentives and hand out larger jackpots and bonuses, as promotions

are the backbone of online gambling. Slot games remain the number one casino game and

as such; improved graphics, new interactive structures and more platforms to play on look

set to be introduced in the not too distant future.

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