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By | source: Aug 5th, 2013

Very few experiences in adult American life are as prevalent in pop culture as gambling, in some form or another. Countless movies, books, and TV shows have had plot points set in and/or around casinos, and for good reason: they’re extremely entertaining. Despite knowing that the odds are against them in most instances, people still flock to places like Las Vegas in hopes to strike it rich, while others go along for other entertainment venues like live music and shows (which are a little less perilous to the wallet).

Today’s infographic from Slots of Vegas gives us a look at some of the most prominent adventures and hijinks within popular culture that have taken place at casinos over the years, and there is a surprising amount of material. It is pretty common to have a movie or an episode of a television series set in a casino. Various comedies (The Hangover series) and heist movies (Ocean’s 11+) based on casino settings are extremely popular, but it goes the other way as well: some casino games are starting to be based on popular media. AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” has its own slot machine set to come out later this year, only strengthening the bond between media and casinos.

For more casino info have a look at the infographic below. [Via]

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