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Shocking Facts About Sexual Violence In The Military

By | source:Here Apr 12th, 2017

We’ve come a long way since the fight for gender equality began, but the work isn’t done. This infographic shares just how pervasive sexual assault is in the American military.

As of 2012, the armed services was almost all men. Somewhere between 82 and 86% of service members are male, and only 14 to 18% are female. Unfortunately, women in the military are disproportionately targeted by sexual assaulters. Almost half of the women in the military have experienced sexist behavior, and 1 in 4 have experienced sexual harassment.

An estimated 26,000 service members are victims of unwanted sexual contact every year. Incredibly enough, the majority of these crimes aren’t reported or prosecuted. 67% of females don’t report their sexual assaults, while 81% of men don’t tell anyone.

Of the cases that were reported, only 34% qualified for disciplinary action. Organizations like the National Sexual Violence Resource Center (the group behind this infographic) are working to change the way military sexual assaults are handled.

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