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Six Ways To Destroy Las Vegas

By | source: Oct 9th, 2014

The City of Sin. Las Vegas has always been portrayed as a city that is bustling with life and fun. Throughout cinema, the city is a hotspot for death and destruction. Fortunately, there is neither massive destruction nor chaos running rampant in the City of Sin, so we can feel comfortable watching it happen to LV in some of Hollywood’s greatest hits.

In today’s infographic, there are six films where doom finds Sin City. Starting at number six, we find that giant radioactive lizards and insects can lay waste to the city in a remake of the Japanese hit, Godzilla. At number five, zombies rule the City of Sin, as a group of survivors pass through in search for a cure to the virus that brings the dead back to life. At number four - the most realistic – a plane full of convicts crashes into a casino.  The director used the opportunity to film the destruction of the casino at the same time as the filming of the number three spot. Mars Attacks, my personal favorite, is a story that really has it all – it’s about a group of aliens that invade Las Vegas in a comedic and yet terrifying way. At number two, another virus shows how we as humans have much to fear when it comes to survival in a city filled with millions of people. The number one spot in our six ways to destroy Las Vegas, we look to another supernatural event that causes destruction.

While watching these tremendous movies, remember to be “sin”-pathetic. Las Vegas, as hard as it is, has feelings, too. [via]