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The Different Types of Wine

By | source: Feb 6th, 2013

Taken from a suggestion in the comments last week, I've found myself a nice little infographic showing the intricate web of the various types of wine. In the beginning, all wine starts with the grapes. There are two varieties Рblack and green. Red wines use black grapes and can have a variety of tastes. Red wines can be dry or sweet, dark or light. Ros̩ wines also use black grapes, but they are peeled before the coloring process begins, though a blending of White and Red wine techniques can also result in a Ros̩. White wines, as you may have guessed are usually concocted with green grapes and can have a range of rich cream-like or light, vibrant taste. Sparkling wine, like champagne, involves a secondary fermentation process causing bubbles; they can range from Red to Ros̩ to White coloring. The other type of wine is fortified with spirits, usually resulting in a dessert-like taste though dry fortified wines do exist.

Each of these wines has it's own subsection of being High Tannin, Round or Spicy. High Tannin refers to a taste that dries the mouth, kind of like the feeling of the tongue after licking a popsicle stick (but tastier). Round taste has less tannin and a more balanced acidity resulting in a lush or smooth sensation. Spicy wines have higher acidity and higher alcohol giving a tartness to the taste. Think pineapple juice over apple juice. All in all, this is a very informative infographic, it taught me a few things about one of my favorite beverages. Hope you felt the same.

The Different Types of Wine based on Style and Taste

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